Tip Top Polka

My most recent post at A Folk Song A Week features a Bb/F anglo which I’ve borrowed from Rob Fidler, fool with Bampton Morris. The main reason I asked Rob if I could borrow the instrument was to work out some song arrangements – there’s a few songs where I have an arrangement already on the C/G, but as I get older I find that I can’t reach the high notes as comfortably as once I did, so taking it down a tone is a blessing to both the singer and the listener.

But one can’t have an anglo in the house and not use it to play some dance tunes. And, as Bb is a natural brass band key, this tune popped into my head. It is, of course, associated with the Britannia Coconut Dancers of Bacup in Lancashire.

Here they are, recorded in their natural habitat, on Easter Saturday 2014. With the brass band playing, I now realise, in Eb!

Bb/F anglo-concertina


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